Shopping online has come with many benefits that make it easier for us to shop: a larger selection, which you can take part in all the time, around the clock. You no longer need to travel to a larger city to find the right style, sizes and other preferences for what you want to shop - basically everything is online. Unfortunately, online shopping has also meant that the number of shipments has increased sharply when the goods are to be sent directly to the customer or to an agent, which leads to increased emissions and the impact on the climate and environment. In addition, a large number of shipments are then returned. At, we constantly try to come up with more sustainable solutions in our work processes, and are aware that as part of this industry we have a responsibility to reduce our climate impact.

As far as shipping is concerned, we have chosen, as far as possible, to send out orders directly from the supplier home to the customer, and in this way you save a trip from the supplier to our warehouse and from our warehouse home to you who ordered. has also made an active choice not to offer free shipping and free returns to our customers (however, we offer a free exchange). The reason for this is that we do not want to encourage overconsumption and ill-considered orders.

Free shipping and free returns are sales tricks to make it easier and cheaper for customers to make spontaneous purchases and larger purchases online, and so-called over-orders. It is estimated that as much as one-fifth of all clothing ordered online is returned. In Sweden, the transport industry accounts for almost a third of the country's total greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the emissions that occur when a package is sent out, you may take the car the last bit to pick up the package at the delivery point. If you then return the goods, the shipment has generated even more emissions.

At, we put a lot of energy and care into developing an assortment that suits our customers, an assortment that fits all shapes and figures, regardless of size. We want to encourage our customers to make informed choices when shopping online and in our webshop. We believe that a shipping cost and return cost may make you think again before ordering, that you read the description properly and take measurements which in turn makes it easier to order the right item, in the right size - which reduces the impact on the environment.

If you find it difficult to decide which size to choose or have other questions, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service - we will be happy to help you find the right product for you. Let us also know if you think a product lacks a description or any other information that makes it more difficult for you to choose the right one.

We at want to continue to provide our customers with comfortable, stylish training clothes for all sizes and shapes in as sustainable a way as possible.

If you have tips or suggestions for sustainable brands, we are happy to accept them.

Together we can make a difference!