As the title says, our question in this post is why you should have a good sports bra?

Regardless of whether you train high, low or medium-intensive or regardless of the size of your breasts, a good sports bra is a must. Unlike a regular bra, a sports bra provides support during training and they are often made of materials that are sweat-absorbent. But you can also find SportBHs in other materials such as. pure cotton.

When the breasts move, the ligaments that hold the breasts up are stretched. To keep your breasts in good shape, it is important to prevent stretching. Having a sports bra is also a way to feel comfortable during the training and keeping the breasts in place means that you do not feel discomfort and that you can concentrate on your training instead.

You may sometimes need a SportBH for different types of sports. If you are going to ride or jog, a fixed sports bra with a good support is extra important to have, during a single running step the breasts move about 70%, which can mean that the breasts move as much as up to 10cm. If you instead want to train something that does not involve too much movement, such as yoga or going for an easier walk, a sports bra in a soft material without buttoning and other things can be nice to have.

Of course, the size of the breasts also has an impact on which model is best suited. For larger breasts, it is good to choose a sports bra with a lot of support. There are both sports bras with a jumper and padded cups (see e.g. High Support Sports Bra from Stay In Place) and some may also find it nice to have a variant without a wrestler's back. Sometimes the shoulder straps without a wrestler's back can be in the way or not sit in place depending on the shape of the body and the shoulders.

How do you measure your breasts then?

- Measure the circumference just below the bust with a regular measuring tape that should sit tight and straight around the body.

- Then measure the bust with a measuring tape where the breasts are fullest and keep the measuring tape as loose as possible without it falling down.

Remember that you should be able to get 2 fingers in between the bra and the body both in the band around the body and under the shoulder straps.

The most common mistakes you make are usually to buy a bra that is too big because it may feel most comfortable or that you think you are covering extra skin with a larger bra. But a good SportBH should sit firmly and firmly (without being uncomfortable) and cover the entire chest and the surrounding skin.

Many of our sports bras have buttoning on the back like a regular bra, which means that you can adjust the buttoning over time. When you buy a SportBH, it is an investment in yourself and your training, so some tips on what you can think about before you buy a SportBH:

What should you wear the sports bra for? Running sessions, walks, strength training or golf?

If you have large breasts, it can be good to think about buying a sports bra with cups so they enclose the entire breast and the surrounding skin and provide good support (a tip can be to try to jump a little in place when you try the sports bra to feel how much std it gives).

And last but not least, what do you think is most beautiful? Having a simple "pull over the head" sports bra or do you prefer buttoning like a regular bra?

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