Isn't it better to just take it easy and maybe take a nap in the garden? There are many prejudices, but the fact is that the proportion of people who train in Sweden is steadily increasing. And in particular, training in the age group over 75 is increasing according to Statistics Sweden.

There are many ailments that creep up on us as we get older. Among other things, osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass and heart disease. However, many of them can be reduced with the help of exercise. It does not matter what the training is, as long as it is done 😊. If you are unsure of what you can exercise, it may be a good idea to do a health check with a doctor or physiotherapist before you start.

Quote: "Physical activity in old age and before that is crucial for good health and function and a prerequisite for maintaining independence and independence from help in everyday life." (FYSS 2017)

Research shows that lifting weights is good, at least as important as fitness. If you have not trained for a long time, it can be good to take it easy in the beginning. When you have become a little warmer in your clothes, you should not be afraid to take in and train heavier, as long as it feels good. Feel free to get help from a personal trainer the first few times, it is usually included if you buy a membership at a gym.


In addition to improving your general health, you also get better balance / body control and increased energy in everyday life. Strength training can also make the body less fragile, give you stronger bone mass and thus reduce the risk of bone fractures. As many older people are alone, group training can be a way to break the isolation.

We asked some questions to a group of friends who train together to see what benefits they see from training and here is what they answered 😊:

Why do you train?

To feel good, to have a strong body that lasts a lifetime, get social interaction, keep me in shape, get fit and good health. And last but not least, being able to have an active life well into old age.

Have you always trained?

Here the answers varied a bit. Everything from the fact that they have always trained to only started training regularly recently.

How do you find the motivation to train?

I know I will meet nice people / coaches. The desire to have a strong body. That I get a lot of laughs. Feels good afterwards. The idea that I will feel good for body and soul and nice training clothes of course 😄

What benefits do you see with the training besides feeling better?

Gets socializing and improves health. A body that is strong both now and in the future. The mood gets better, I feel happier, the psyche feels good. That I get a strong body and better balance.

What do you think about older people exercising more and more?

Super good, they want a strong body. Great, it needs to be developed to reach more people. Especially balance training that can prevent fall injuries. It is very good that it is noticed as the risk of, for example, fall injuries increases all the time and that you can have a greater chance of being able to enjoy life without illness.

Do you have any advice for other seniors who want to get in shape?

It's never too late to start 😃