Nature gives power and the opportunity to unwind. Nature is free and available for everyone. In nature, you can find the peace you may need right now. When life is put on hold and we can not live as we usually do then we must find other alternatives.

Many are sitting still far too much now. We hear reports of increased mental illness, depression, anxiety and depression. It's not that weird. I want you to know that you are not alone that there are many in the same situation. Exercise and exercise kick-start the body's own happiness pills, endorphins and oxytocin and lower the stress hormones cortisol.

Try to find movement every day. Nature is always open.

So take the opportunity to go out for walks. Invite a friend if you do not want to go alone. Go out and run and train outdoors - that's the best there is. Take in all the senses, smell, listen to the birds, feel the wind against your skin, feel your heart beat. You are alive! Take advantage of every day.

Top up with vitamin-d. Inhale love and exhale gratitude.

I love being outdoors. Here you see me with my dog ​​Leia. We take long lovely walks. Sometimes we run. I also run many of my classes outdoors. There is no bad weather - just bad clothes. I choose my clothes for outdoor activities with care. Here I have chosen a warm jacket for the winter "Ember Winter Coat" from Röhnisch. Absolutely wonderful warm and comfortable!

When I train and run in the woods, it is important with light functional clothes, layer upon layer principle. Find all these clothes at, great!


So go out and move and recharge with energy!


Jenny hugs

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