We at Briosa think that exercise and an active lifestyle are for everyone and that the range of exercise clothing of various kinds should therefore of course reflect this. We therefore constantly work to find stylish and comfortable training and activity clothing in all sizes and for all bodies, at all ages, so that our range is inclusive. It is not always easy and when we find what we are looking for, it is not certain that the supplier's pictures show models in different sizes. It has gotten better in recent years but there is still a lot to do.

Therefore, we have chosen to take pictures ourselves to be able to show a greater variety of sizes. We have invited friends, neighbors and family members to show how the training clothes fit on different bodies and taken the pictures ourselves. There may not be professional pictures but there is a lot of joy and love behind the pictures and they are much appreciated by your customers. Of course, we do not retouch the pictures but show real and beautiful bodies.

Our models are ordinary girls, with different backgrounds in training. During a photo opportunity, we took the opportunity to ask some questions to our models, about what their training has looked like through life, how they view training for the elderly, which are their best training memories and what they find the motivation to train.

Here you get to meet Anna-Karin and Johanna:

Anna-Karin is 57 years old and has trained regularly for the past ten years and trains to feel good. In addition to the health-improving aspect of exercise, the social aspect of exercise is important to Anna-Karin, both as a motivation to go and exercise and as a way to meet new people that inspires her to keep going. She did not train regularly as a young person, but intends to continue training, as she believes that it is time for the elderly to keep going and move.

“I have many fun training memories that are associated with a lot of laughter! I have ridden the Vasaloppet three times and have wonderful memories from there. ”

Johanna is 42 years old and played handball as a youngster and rode. As an adult, she has been training regularly for the past two years. Her best training memories are from Tjejmilen and other exercise races. What motivates Johanna to get away and train is the knowledge of how good she feels when the training session is completed and nice training clothes are for her something that makes training a little more fun. In addition to the feeling of feeling good, Johanna thinks that the benefits of exercise are meeting friends and building a strong body.

"I train to feel good and have a strong body but also for the community"

We at Briosa offer comfortable, well-fitting and stylish training clothes for all sizes and ages and want to be part of and contribute to a greater diversity among the models that show training clothes.

Do you live in the Stockholm area and would think it was fun to model for us? Or do you know someone who would like to? Contact us at info@briosa.se and we will tell you more!