Christmas is a time to enjoy good food, leisure and the company of loved ones. Some people plan to take Christmas leave from training and others see the Christmas leave as a chance to train more. The secret may lie in something in between, finding opportunities to move the body and to allow the body to recover.

Christmas food and sofa hanging in front of Kalle Anka is cozy, but we know that it is good for both body and soul to move. So at Christmas - listen in and feel what you need to feel good, let go of all the requirements and musts regarding training and enjoy the Christmas food. To help you find your training lukewarm, here are three suggestions for activities both for you who want to keep going and for you who need some peace and quiet:

 1. Walk

A brisk walk and fresh air are good for everyone. A morning walk is a wonderful start to the day or why not in the afternoon (for those of you who are tired of Kalle Anka) or an evening walk that is good for a good night's sleep. You can also choose to walk instead of taking the car or other means of transport if possible.

2. Exercises with your own body weight

For you who want to let your muscles work this Christmas, it is that efficient and fun to
Do exercises with your own body weight, especially if you do not have access to a gym or your own weights. Here are suggestions for exercises that both strengthen muscles and lift the skin:

Plank - a classic that strengthens several muscle groups, trains balance and improves posture. Challenge yourself how long you can last!

Mountain Climber - is a super-effective exercise where all large muscle groups can work and which also trains fitness, coordination and balance.

Jumping squats - Work legs and buttocks with squats, so-called squats. Lower and then jump up. You can also try lowering yourself up and down slowly if you do not want to jump.

Jumping Jacks - traditional jumps that strengthen the legs and buttocks, and get the rash started.

Adjust the number of repetitions depending on how much time you have. Try doing the exercises for one minute, and you will get four minutes of effective training! Or run a few more laps if you want a little more challenge.

3. Recovery

Do you feel that you need to take a much-needed break and let your body rest? Recovery is essential for the body to become strong and stay healthy !. Here are two great recovery yoga exercises:

Legs up against the wall

A nice exercise and relaxing exercise that helps you reduce stress.
Place a yoga mat or blanket with one short side against a wall. Sit on the side next to the wall and while lying down, stretch your legs up against the wall. Make it comfortable for you. Lie down and listen to your breaths for 5-15 minutes and allow yourself to just relax.

Child's Position

This resting and recovering position can be done on a yoga mat or on a blanket, in bed or on the couch. It can be nice to have one or a couple of pillows to help. Sit on your knees and let it be quite wide between your legs. Make sure your toes touch each other behind you and then lean forward and hug your pillows or keep your arms in front of you or along your sides. Lie down for 5-15 minutes and just breathe and relax.

Listen to your body this Christmas and adapt the training to it! Try to let go of all the "musts" and do what you feel good about and think is fun.

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We have made this post in collaboration with TranebergsYoga - the small yoga studio with the big heart in the heart of Traneberg, Bromma.