Do yours now as well as possible!

I love everyday life and am so happy that it is back again albeit a little quietly like this at the beginning. Training, yoga, long dog walks, work, healthy food and be with the family.

Sure, it's nice, much needed and amazing to leave and to stop a bit. But just as wonderful, I think it is when I'm back in everyday life with all that it entails.

I stand by my routines and rituals all year round even though they can be broken a bit during the long weekends, but basically they are there. So important to my well-being.

That means I don't have to make grandiose plans on how the new year is going to be. I focus on my plan and my goals that I have. I don't have to start over with grand plans that involve weight loss, start exercising, eat healthier, don't rush and so on, they're there with me in my routines and choices I make every day.

Make a plan that lasts a lifetime. Allow yourself to enjoy good food but move every day. Always have healthy options at home and keep eating it even though it's weekend. Pour on with green on the plate and take some of the "useless" that you want to enjoy. Make a master plan of what your goals are and start working forward step by step. Nothing is impossible! Dare! Plan! Go on, do it!

Focus on the positive. Take it with you into 2021. We're creating both ours now and ours in ours now. So do yours now as well as possible! So you don't have to stand with new desires next New Year and feel a failure that you didn't reach your goal this year.

Don't postpone what you can do today. Make choices every day that make you go to bed proud. That will take you forward to your goal. Don't be so yourself. Remember, alone is not the strongest. Share your highs and lows and gooey in between. Enjoy the trip!

Hugs Jenny

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