I went from being strong and fast to weak and totally powerless.

After a long period of strange symptoms, in 2012 I was diagnosed with MS, multiple sclerosis. My body was in a lousy condition with symptoms similar to fatigue depression and brain fatigue. Of course, it affected me both physically and mentally.

MS affects different people in different ways. There are different types of MS. This is my experience of coming back after my diagnosis and starting to feel like myself again.

Despite my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer and coach since 2007, it was extremely tough and difficult to come back after the diagnosis. The will was there but the energy was tired. The pain in the body made it difficult to exercise. When I had better days, the will and achievement took over and I ran out of myself. It took time to accept that I could not perform at the same level as before.

I have simply had to learn again where my level is. It varies from day to day. So it is difficult to plan your training. It is important to listen to the body and adapt the training accordingly for best results. The mental attitude is important. So even when I am tired and most of all want to stay in bed, I get up and do something of the day. I accept the form of the day but start moving. That's when yoga is so good. I start to breathe calmly inwards, feel and then suddenly I have yoga for an hour.

The biggest "mistake" I made is that I drove too hard with setbacks such as total fatigue and impact on the body and nervous system.

I have had to reprogram myself. Taught me to listen to the body and taught me to interpret its signals.

My advice is:

  1. Listen to the body. Listen to your body when it whispers so you do not have to hear it scream.
  2. Move every day, albeit a short walk. WHO says daily exercise 30 min / day for health and reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
  3. Train shorter sessions so it does not have to take as much time.
  4. Let the training be fun as much as you can. Go from must to will.
  5. Do strength training at least 2 times / week. Light weight training at home goes great.
  6. Find breaks & breathe / meditate and just be.

Namaste, Jenny


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