The worst thing I know is to show myself weak. Do you recognize yourself?

As far as I can remember, I have not liked to show myself weak. That has been my biggest fear. I have dried my tears, not listened when I was sad and scared, and just drove on. Always replied with a smile that everything is fine. Laughed to spread joy but did not listen inwardly to my own problems and things I went through.



It's just driving. Meat on! KBK - drive only drive.



My mind knows that nothing will happen. That I should be honest and true. Not only when it's rock and roll and when everything is flowing but also in adversity. Even when I'm scared and sad.



I really do not like people who whine or speak ill of someone else. Self-pity is the worst I know. But to be honest how you feel and how the situation is, that's another matter.



It is brave to prove vulnerable! It is brave to know all your feelings and affirm them.



In order not to dare to prove vulnerable is equal to the miss good. I do not want to be Miss Good, I am not Miss Good. This is something I have been working on for a few years now and things are happening to me. I have softened. Found a new side of myself. Reinforced my feelings. I love more, I dare more, I have found peace. I have become more honest with myself.



What I need to train on the most is when I have worse days. To accept it! I have such a hard time not being on top. Again, my intelligence knows it's ok, but I'm having a hard time being in it. Not to be 100%. I know we have peaks and valleys but I do not like the valleys. Happiness is not feeling happy all the time, but accepting that life goes up and down. To like the valleys. I'm working on it.

Do you recognize yourself?



In my yoga classes, I try to convey different messages. To let go of one's thoughts and limitations, to be true to oneself and to live honestly. A must when I do yoga are comfortable and comfortable clothes that sit where they should. Here I have my favorites from Drop of mindfulness which fit perfectly and are also so stylish.


Hug Jenny

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